Global warming now percieved as global ecological tipping

Scientists are seeing yet another level of global change: A "tipping point." "earth-approaching-tipping-point-say-scientists#comments"

And a news release pointing to a group of scientific papers:

First, I recommend reading the comments associated with the Slashdot post above. The comment-ors on Slashdot typically provide a wonderful parsing of the problem with many voices and viewpoints.

"If in doubt, keep moving." James Real writer and thinker, 1969

The blog format is not resulting in successful communication.

The spam engines have found this blog. For the past month or two I have been getting three bogus comment posts a week. The spam engines are searching Google using very interesting phrases and then submitting comments with links embedded in a variety of spam filter avoidance texts.

Here are last month's page views by countries for this blog:

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The astute human reader will note I changed two items in the previous listing specifically to scramble any page reading computer program that happens to be reading this entry.

Another dream: I was trying to call my father on the cell phone. The phone number I was trying to dial was the 1950's vintage phone number ANgeles 9-6412. 

The phone kept saying "Check call restrictions."

My dad has been dead for 23 years.

The physical side of my sentiment to "Recharter the San Mateo County Transit District" is I needed to attend Board Meetings, understand the priorities and concerns of the Transit District, its' Transit advisory council and the San Mateo County 1% sales tax transit funding organization.

The physical problem became the cost of driving to attend these meetings. The typical driving distance is 16.5 miles with a 70 minute driving time. Gas costs $4.13/gallon and my car gets 22.7 miles per gallon. A one way trip is $3 in gasoline, double that for operating cost and double that for the round trip cost. The cost of driving to attend one meeting is $12.00.

Seeking contributors for recharter support

Cue the Raffi song: Five little sandpipers went out to play...
      Using the links column on the right side of this blog, plus emails to authors I have reviewed in this blog I have asked a number of people to support a rechartering project.

      I have received several positive responses. I am very grateful for the responses.

      After a day of regret that I have retitled my blog and sought to involve real thinkers and authorities in the field of public transportation and urban design I get to work now.

     This is a very emotional event for me. I have had a couple of intense dreams. This morning the dream was riding bicycles with my son in Baltimore. "Here we go, I say."  We ride our bikes down a quarter mile downhill stone staircase. Then we go to a cafe where an obnoxious waiter serves me a tepid cup of the most tasteless coffee I ever drank.

This blog was previously titled "Put carts on the public bus."

Time to get more aggressive on CO2 emissions reductions

The guy taking the picture, idling along burning 11 lbs. of gasoline every 22.7 miles.


"World Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Outpace Worst-Case Scenario"

So says the Slashdot news item.

Recharter the local public bus system with a larger mission: "To organize and promote transportation in the region in a manner that reduces CO2 emissions."

I think I need to start communicating with . What I need to do is get this transportation advocacy organization thinking about altering the charter and purpose of the local bus system provider.

Take a gimlet eyed look at the semi-rural suburban transit problems of places like El Granada and Half Moon Bay, California. Look at the interlock between the pressure to keep the existing job and pay the mortgage and the difficulty of switching to a shorter commute new job even though the pay is less.

Really now, here are 5,000 to 30,000 people that are not going to move to San Mateo, and surely not to San Francisco, and surely not to Sausalito to have the idyllic dense urban life described by Stewart Brand. 

See earlier book review of Mr. Brand's

Ride sharing can use cell phones to dynamically arrange rides

A $20 cell phone, a 20 year old VHF walkie talkie ham radio and a walker's hat.

I have been a member of the San Mateo County Ridematch service since 10-15-2007.

Over the period of 3 1/2 years I updated my registration 3 times and I have never found a ride match.

Last night, called me to do a Ridematch service user survey.

For my part, the survey was a hasty event where there is not enough time for me to say my thought and develop an idea or proposal for a better way should work.

  1. First, let me explain how I estimate the ridematch software program works.
  2. Second, list the program weaknesses.
  3. Third, how we should use cell phones and bridge toll transponders to rapidly prototype a more aggressive and more economically sound ride match system.
I will post this and continue later...

Here is a predecessor post


Values projected in a 1980 National Geographic ad selling the Honda Accord

Click on the image to enlarge the image.

Compare what this ad sells to the previous Cadillac ad.

Values projected in 1980 in a National Geographic magazine ad selling Cadillac cars

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