Saving the appearances: Determining a linear equation for travel time on a bus

i wanted to develop some observation based mathematics for the bus system. The purpose was to enable modeling of the bus system and evaluating proposed improvements or changes.

So I began with a "Travel time record". I generated one of these records every time I went on a bus trip. I did several versions of this form as the bus travel experience and what I could do with the data became clear.

To develop a linear travel time equation I collected these data items:

    • Start time, start location of the bus trip, measured from the door.
    • Walk time (time when I arrived at the bus stop).
    • Waiting time (time when the bus arrived, ending the wait)
    • Riding time (time when I got off the bus)
    • ... additional walk, wait and ride times for a 2 bus trip
    • Walk time (time when I walked to the destination and touched the door).
    • Destination location.
With just a few bus rides recorded, I began to see a travel time relationship emerge. For a typical bus trip: **

      • 30% of the trip time is spent walking.
      • 30% of the trip time is spent waiting.
      • 40% of the trip time is spent riding the bus.
Before even beginning a linear regression analysis, the basic characteristics of the public bus system as a network of paths, buses and walking people are beginning to emerge.

**The travel ratios presented here are subject to editing. I am hunting around in my garage for the original data. 5-28-2008

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