Advocacy: Change public bus service idea

This blog is a rewrite of my 1979 research project "Busbook - A study of the Los Angeles public bus system".

The current (year 2008) global warming and carbon dioxide crisis reminds me of my experience with the 1979 energy crisis.

My 1979 study and my 2008 experience leave me in the uncomfortable position of advocating a substantial social change in the services offered by the public bus system in America.

The public bus system should add services of carrying carts and containers of 30 to 150 pounds with the service purpose of allowing more individuals, families, and small businesses to function sometimes without the use of an automobile or truck.

The public bus systems I have studied all show a "load factor" of 33% or less. That means about 2/3 of the bus capacity is unused.

The public bus must be wedged out of it's assumption that the public bus is for "those who have no other transportation choice" and service is limited to "carry passengers and their incidental baggage only."

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