Carrying carts - what are the range of services?

Here is a list of the things that might be transported on the public bus system.

The first 3 items are carried by public bus systems in use today.

The last 4 items are transport challenges of increasing difficulty.
  1. Incidental baggage that depends on hand and arm strength - knapsack, purse, briefcase, shoulder bag, laptop computer in a case, makeup case, cloth grocery bags.
  2. Purpose carriers that use shoulder support - backpacker's pack, laundry bag, two bags of balanced weight with a shoulder strap.
  3. Bicycles carried in a front of bus carrier.
  4. Heavier objects that can be lifted but not held for long - tool boxes, handle grocery bags with canned goods.
  5. Wheeled devices that can be lifted up steps- rolling suitcases.
  6. Wheeled devices operated by a passenger that require ramp or lift to enter the bus: modified shopping carts, modified wheel chairs (seat cushion removed). Contents can include: construction supplies, personal computers, printing, mail, restaurant and office supplies, weekly groceries for a family, automobile repair parts.
  7. Freight containers designed for shipment without an accompanying passenger. These containers are travel on pallets and are boarded and removed based on shipping orders. Contents can include: groceries, business supplies, personal computers and monitors, store purchases, food supplies for restaurants, hotels, schools.

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