Transfer payments and The End of Oil by Paul Roberts

Seen at Pillar Point on a Sunday morning.
What a great way to get from San Francisco to one of the best beach walks in Northern California, with dogs.

Now, I haven't got around to working on the published spreadsheets. And I also have not managed to figure out the really difficult m and b coefficients I am seeing for the San Mateo bus system.

These are the questions that I would like to explore now:

  1. I need to get the spreadsheets and the data entry forms into good condition. Rewrite for clarity, list the validation tests, work out a way so users can print out a graph and the matching assumption values.

  2. What about looking at schemes for equalizing the "perceived personal cost" between cars and bus riding? Lets look at various kinds of transfer payment.
I was reading The End of Oil by Paul Roberts. One of the things I found interesting was how Mr. Roberts describes the chronic problems of desirable solutions that cost more than the present oil based solutions.

The End of Oil, by Paul Roberts, book website:

I recommend to you The End of Oil as an enjoyably sane and well organized broad view of the "end of oil" and the paths available and the problems in moving American and the world society towards using much less oil.

Getting paid for riding the bus? Getting paid for leaving your car at home on grocery day? How about time specific coupons to direct freight cart traffic onto lightly loaded buses.

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