The Auto Industrial Society, Are we transforming yet?

Ms. Rothschild says:

 "One of the intended consequences of the free market ideology of the 1970s and 1980s was a loss of confidence in government, or at least in nonmilitary government. The environmental regulation of the automobile industry since 1975 has been a dismal case study in government failure, of which the rise of the SUV is only the most visible example."
 This is a very interesting way of describing the problem of moving toward a low CO2 future: Regulation of the automobile industry (as in requiring more low fuel consumption vehicles) has failed due to "a loss of confidence in government...".

 There is a very interesting thought embedded here that is certainly worth exploring. But I find the argument extremely difficult to articulate. 

My plan is to request Ms. Rotschild's book from the library. (She has published many academic papers on aspects of the auto industrial society that are not available from my local library). 

So I will revisit this review some time in the future. 

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