Buses and their service charter: Need to expand definition of what they do

Kayaks in the mist, off shore from Pillar Point, this is the area called Mavericks.
. They are waiting for waves to ride.

Here is the code where the statement of business purpose needs to be edited to re-direct the Transit District. 

The present law authorizes the public transit system to do only the simplest kind of transportation.


SECTION 103010-103022

103010. Unless the context otherwise requires, the provisions of this chapter govern the construction of this part.

103011. "District" means the San Mateo County Transit District. 

103012. "Transit" or "transit service" means the transportation of passengers and their incidental baggage and parcels by any means.

Here is a first draft at how the public transit organization charter should be extended.

We define extended transit service to include the following public service and values:

  • The transit service may include the transportation of carts and containers in addition to passengers.
  • The transit service may support and facilitate extended communications for users and clients of the transit service.
  • The transit service may operate a communications network or access framework to support extended transit service communications. 
  • The transit service may operate vehicles that are partly or completely autonomous.
  • The transit service shall predict, test and evaluate it's vehicles, system and social impact in terms of the energy used by it's vehicles, and system and in terms of the carbon dioxide emitted and emissions avoided. 
  • The transit service shall endeavor to minimize CO2 emissions.

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