Found, Linear regression data from Los Angeles 1980

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   I found my linear regression travel time analysis of automobile and public bus travel in Los Angeles. The trips were made in 1978 
and 1979. 

    In the table below, the Los Angeles 1980  trips are slower than the El Granada - Pacifica -San Mateo trips made in 2009-2010.

    The analysis was done in 1980 from the trip records using topographic maps and a drafting scale for computing airline distance between points. The regression calculations were done using a HP-41 programmable calculator. I published the program through the HP contributed software  service. 

   I  need to check if the distance value I measured using maps in 1980 has an error compared to the great circle value I have used for 2009 calculations. In 1980 I used topographic maps that are marked with a 1000 meter Mercator grid. I used this grid without any documentation. Fortunately I have a paper record for each trip.

Linear  regression coefficients for travel time.
For Los Angeles in 1979-1980 and El Granada-Pacifica-San  Mateo in 2009-2010
Not yet tested for differences in measurement and calculation method.

Travel time in minutes. minutes per mile +minutes
Bycar2010EG 1.41 12.09
Bycar1980LA 1.68 8.04
Bybus2010EG 4.20 24.51
Bybus1980LA 8.54 16.88
Same equation expressed in popular units:
Vehicle behavior miles per hour +minutes
Bycar2010EG 43 12
Bycar1980LA 36 8
Bybus2010EG 14 25
Bybus1980LA 7 17

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