How to write an economic recovery plan

The light is green as traffic in Burlingame, California speeds past the waiting red light camera.

Here is an example of an economic recovery plan:

Here is a case study of the kind of employment and life problem that should be addressed by an economic recovery plan:,_the_face_of_an_american_lost_generation/

An economic recovery plan is a description of a course of action that will affect the life of a group of people in America.

  1. Your plan needs one or more structural axes. Examples are changes in a tax, a subsidy or some other kind of financial encouragement.
  2. Your plan needs to describe an area of cost and an area of benefit.
  3. What beliefs or folklore does your plan benefit?
  4. What popular delusion does your plan engage with?
  5. How is your plan going to alter the status quo?
  6. Who are the groups that are at the center of your concerns. 
  7. What is an example of a single person who will typically benefit from your planned action?
  8. Are you going to recreate a state of affairs from a time in the past?
  9. Are you going to create a new future?

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