Questions for a Transit Agency Board of Directors Member

A bicycle rider on Devil's Slide, Highway 1, San Mateo County. Photo taken through a side view mirror. At least 100 cars passed the cyclist as he pedaled uphill from Pacifica
Questions about what are the limiting factors the Board of Directors has struggled with over the past year.

What are the boundary lines or limiting factors that the Board of Directors winds up engaging with?

Of these following items, how would you rename the items and then which are the biggest factors:
  • Other transit agencies with other transit activities removing SamTrans funding.
  • Difficulties arranging drivers and staff to do new projects.
  • Restrictive terms of Federal and State funding
  • Problems getting bus stops and cooperation of cities and city traffic engineers.
  • Business closures and changes in the need for specialized transit service.  
I would like to ask you to tell me about one or two transit service developments that the Board of Directors have considered that might change the basic productivity or patronage ratio of the public transit institution.

What are some projects the transit agency has tried that involve cooperation with private transportation organizations like taxi and charter bus services?

Has the Board of Directors developed a request for more freedom of operation from the State?
Has the Board of Directors discussed seeking changes in the SamTrans State enabling legislation and changes in the State anti-dumping and anti-trust laws to enable cooperation with private transit providers?

What are some of the technical innovations the Board of Directors is working on?

Has the Board of Directors explored modifying buses for autonomous operation? If equipped for autonomous operation, one bus driver could lead a caravan of 3 or 4 buses for a heavily traveled section of road.

Has the Board of Directors explored creating an electric bus using ultracapacitors and frequent recharging at bus stops?

Has the Board of Directors explored forming a business and technology partnership with a non-profit foundation and several local Colleges to initiate a local technology leap with business formation possibilities?

Has the Board of Directors explored schedule and route innovations using methods of operational research, network theory,  game theory and topology?

Has the Board of Directors explored operating it's own cell phone and data network? This would facilitate electronic payment, trip coordination, and work-while-you-ride value exchange.

Has the Board of Directors explored lobbying the State to create an automobile insurance and licensing fee structure to facilitate the decline of the California automobile population into a "drive occasionally" status.

Has the Board of Directors explored doing a marketing study and service prototype to characterize the service parameters required to effectively allow freight carts on the public bus?

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