Natchez Transit System on PBS News Hour

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     The PBS Newshour public television news program, on September 30th, carried a story about the city of Natchez, Mississippi telephone transit service. That city has a Department of Adult Services and Public Transportation.

   The story profiled the two sides of the transportation service. 

   Natchez Transit runs buses that come to people's houses to pick them up. Sometimes the pickup is in 15 minutes.

   To tell the Transit side of the story, the director of the service was quoted. 
".SABRENA BARTLEY, director, Natchez Transit: I do not have to tell you how important that transportation is in the community."

   To tell the conventional criticism of the service, a car dealer was quoted.
" CARL ROGEL: A bus system in this area is never going to be profitable. So, not only are we spending the initial $4 million of the stimulus money; you know, someone is going to have to support that system, and that someone is going to be the taxpayer."

   The reporter, quoting a local paper, noted the individual per-ride cost of the service. 

" MILES O'BRIEN: The editorial board at The Natchez Democrat is also skeptical. They did some math and warned that, at about $20 a ride, taxpayers may not be getting the most bang for their buck."