Seeking contributors for recharter support

Cue the Raffi song: Five little sandpipers went out to play...
      Using the links column on the right side of this blog, plus emails to authors I have reviewed in this blog I have asked a number of people to support a rechartering project.

      I have received several positive responses. I am very grateful for the responses.

      After a day of regret that I have retitled my blog and sought to involve real thinkers and authorities in the field of public transportation and urban design I get to work now.

     This is a very emotional event for me. I have had a couple of intense dreams. This morning the dream was riding bicycles with my son in Baltimore. "Here we go, I say."  We ride our bikes down a quarter mile downhill stone staircase. Then we go to a cafe where an obnoxious waiter serves me a tepid cup of the most tasteless coffee I ever drank.

This blog was previously titled "Put carts on the public bus."

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