Ride sharing can use cell phones to dynamically arrange rides

A $20 cell phone, a 20 year old VHF walkie talkie ham radio and a walker's hat.

I have been a member of the San Mateo County 511.org Ridematch service since 10-15-2007.

Over the period of 3 1/2 years I updated my registration 3 times and I have never found a ride match.

Last night, 511.org called me to do a Ridematch service user survey.

For my part, the survey was a hasty event where there is not enough time for me to say my thought and develop an idea or proposal for a better way 511.org should work.

  1. First, let me explain how I estimate the 511.org ridematch software program works.
  2. Second, list the program weaknesses.
  3. Third, how we should use cell phones and bridge toll transponders to rapidly prototype a more aggressive and more economically sound ride match system.
I will post this and continue later...

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