A Short Conversation with a Climate Change Denier

CO2 meter jumps from 400 to 700 when engine is started. An electric fan blows the exhaust 4 meters.


Ms. T says: "We will all be sitting at home, freezing in the dark if we go for this global warming climate change stuff. "

The argument being presented by Ms. T is essentially that if we must change our society to abate global warming, then the social changes required are so severe that life in America will be unpleasant.

One estimation of how energy would be generated and used in a low CO2 emissions society with a principally British or English focus has been worked out by Dr. Donald Mackay in his book: David MacKay: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air: Contents.

To return to Ms. T's argument, the freeze in the dark school of thought is built around the assumption that a low CO2 emission society is a linear scaling down of all present CO2 generating practices.

An observation, a counter argument, and a course of action:

  • The USA is extremely conservative and slow to do social change.
    • Example,  the USA only adopted universal health care in 2010. 
  • Nobody knows what the future will be. 
  • A course of action. We need to perform social experiments or social trials to develop new low CO2 emission social systems.
In the Socratic dialogue The Meno the slave boy says "I know what arete (excellence) is. By the end of the dialogue, the slave boy says "I don't know."

I would say to the readers of this blog: That is the situation we are in. We don't know what a livable, productive and happy low carbon emission society will look like.

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